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Helpful Tips For Your First Tuition Lesson

So you’re beginning your tutoring journey, congratulations for getting the wheels in motion! We know this can be daunting, so we’ve got your back and compiled our top 10 tips on how to prepare for your first session;

1. Get to know your tutor

The tutor-student relationship is so important, and the first session is key to get an understanding of how well you can work together in order to achieve your goals. A lot of tutoring relies on rapport, and a great first impression is the best way to kick start this!

2. Let your tutor get to know you

Your tutor will need to spend some time assessing your strengths and areas you need help with, don’t be nervous about this! Your tutor is asking questions in order to better understand how they can help you, the more they can understand your personality will help them create plans that are specific for you.

3. Discuss your optimal learning style

We all have different ways to get the most out of what we are learning. Do you prefer to see concepts laid out in a visual way, or are you an avid reader? Communicating this with your tutor will help them create tasks and tools that gel with you, so you can best understand what you are learning.

4. Let your tutor know your expectations 

Talk with your tutor about what you’re expecting to get out of your sessions. Communicating the reason you chose to get a tutor in the first place will help your tutor understand your overarching goals.

5. Set targets and SMART goals

Setting goals and targets are so important in understanding where you want to go, what actions you need to take and then eventually how far you have come. Goals should always be SMART.

  • Specific – General targets can be helpful however specific targets will help you really figure out what you wish to achieve and assist you in creating precise goals 
  • Measurable – Your targets should always be quantifiable in some way, in order to help you clearly identify when you have hit them
  • Achievable – a goal should challenge and motivate you but not be impossible, if you set your target too high it can cause unnecessary stress
  • Realistic – Aiming for the stars is worthy goal however in learning setting impossible targets is not helpful, discuss with our tutor what is realistic for you
  • Time-bound – deadlines can be stressful but they give us the incentive to get our work done.

6. Communicate any wider goals you have

If you have any other wider personal goals, such as improving your confidence. Your tutor can be a great person to talk to about this.

7. Collaborate with your tutor on an action plan

You and your tutor are a team. You should both be involved in setting goals and making plans. In this way, you can make sure you’re moving forwards at a pace that is comfortable, yet still challenging.

8. Organize your study space and materials

Before your session, ask your tutor if there are any necessary supplies you will need, pencils, a notebook, calculator etc. If you’re meeting the tutor at your home, ensure you have a nice and quiet space for you both to work. If you have anything specific you need help with, bring in the work so your tutor can go straight into the trouble area.

9. Eat before your lesson

Hunger can be a huge distraction! Always make sure you’ve eaten before a session or take a snack with you, when you’re well nourished you will be able to focus and concentrate much better. After all, food is brain fuel!

10. Involve your teachers!

Who knows better about what areas you need help with than your teachers? They can provide insights to give your tutor a better understanding of how you are doing at school.

Tutoring is all about teamwork! If you follow all these steps you will ensure you get off to a great start with your tutor, foster the key early relationship, work together and smash those targets. 

We can’t wait to hear how you get along in your first tuition lesson! Good luck!

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